At Terranova we seek to develop and enhance the musical skills of all our students. Which is why we offer music from preeschool to 12th grade, with the possibility of obtaining the IB Diploma in Music.

Our students develop particular skills in the different stages of music learning. Likewise, we have specialized teachers and classrooms fully equipped with recreational equipment, instruments and audio equipment.

Here are the levels of their musical development:

  • General music and body expression: our preschool students begin their musical knowledge through body movements and recreational activities. Which seek to awaken skills, abilities, but above all, taste for music.
  • General music and ORFF ensemble: our elementary elementary students have the opportunity to continue learning about essential elements of music through the understanding of a score, and transmit this knowledge through the performance of ORFF instruments (xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiel , among others).
  • Instrumental interpretation: Our students from 10 to 15 years old have the option of specializing in an instrument (piano, violin, guitar or choir), developing interpretive technique and strengthening the reading of scores.
  • Instrumental and audio perceptive interpretation: our high school students receive, in addition to their instrument, the audio perceptive class, which allows them to experience the rhythmic, melodic, harmonic, instrumental, texture and formal aspects of music, through body and auditory perception. This class prepares them for the IB diploma exam.

Finally, our students have the opportunity to show all their talent and work through the interpretation of their repertoire in the final concert, which we perform every year in La Casa de la Música. In this presentation we handle an ensemble format, seeking to combine all instruments and strengthen all the skills that a musician must develop.

Without a doubt, this experience generates an infinite number of emotions for everyone involved.

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