Foreign Languages


Terranova’s graduates are well known for their excellent English level.

In 12th grade our students reach a C1 level, which allows them to study, work and live in an English-speaking country, using the language with solvency.

We measure the progress of our students towards this goal, through the international standardized TOEFL Primary ® and TOEFL Junior ® exams, which are applied at different times of their school life.

The table below shows the academic development of the English language from preschool to high school.



A2: The student is able to get along in speech and writing on daily situations, within the classroom.

B1: The student is able to cope with situations out of the classroom in speech and in writing. He or she can communicate on daily life or general topics, and interacts easily with native speakers. The student starts writing academic texts.

C1: The student is able to read and write complex academic texts. Writes about familiar and unknown topics. Can live, study and work in an English speaking country.


Terranova offers French as a third language from 6th to 8th grade as a compulsory subject. From 9th to 12th grade, French is an optional subject, and it can also be taken as an optional subject for the IB Diploma Program.

Additionally, to guarantee the knowledge acquisition according to the levels mentioned in the table below, the school suggests that students take a simulation of proficiency exam endorsed by the French educational system, which is a great advantage when applying to European Higher Education Institutions.

It is worth mentioning that our School is part of the teaching network of Alliance Française. This network provides important educational and cultural benefits to the Institution.


A1: The student discovers the language. Becomes familiar with the sounds and basic vocabulary of French.

A2: The student is able to cope in speech and in writing about daily life situations, within the classroom.

B1: The student is able to cope in speech and in writing in situations outside the classroom context. Can communicate on topics of general interest or everyday use. Can easily interact with native speakers, and starts writing academic texts.

B2: The student can communicate fluently and can study in French-speaking countries.

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