UN club

The United Nations Club is a space open to our students in grades 9-12. The members of this club, in addition to learning to tolerate and respect different cultures, learn negotiation, persuasion, writing, speaking and research techniques.

“Nova Metria” club

The Nova Metria club aims to strengthen students’ logical, mathematical and spatial reasoning, through the reproduction of figures – real bodies, with the drawing of 2D figures and construction of 3D geometric bodies. Using technical drawing materials in their first part, then use of software that simulates machines that make 3D bodies, reaching a specific learning cycle from the abstract to real.

This futuristic geometry club is open for students from grades 9-11.

Ted- Ed club

TED-Ed clubs is a space where students develop their critical thinking, research abilities, development and creation of ideas and skills through captivating presentations in the TED talks style.

Moreover, they learn to use video, audio and lighting equipment as tools to carry out their presentations.
The club is taught in English, open for students in grade 10 and 11.

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