ONU club

The United Nations Club is an open space for our students from 9 th to 12 th grades.
Members learn tolerance, respect for diversity and different cultures, collective bargaining techniques, persuasion, writing for negotiation, speech and social research.

“Novometry” club

Its objective is to enhance spatial, mathematical and logical reasoning in students,
through the reproduction of real bodies in two and in three dimensions, building surfaces and geometrical bodies. Using drawing materials at the beginning, students proceed later to use software that simulates machines that manufacture 3D bodies, closing a cycle from abstraction to reality.

This futuristic Geometry club is open to students from 9th to 11th grades.

Ted- Ed

In TED-Ed Clubs students develop critical thinking, research abilities, development and creation of ideas through amazing presentations on the TED talk’s style. Here they will learn to use

Además aprenden a utilizar equipos de video, audio e iluminación como herramientas para realizar sus exposiciones.
This club Works only in English and it is open to 10 th and 11 th grades.

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