Primary School

Our primary school gives our children safety, good reception and a sense of happiness. They are confident to expect help in problem solving. Here we continue with the International Baccalaureate PYP Primary Years Program, which develops a methodology promoting real comprehension of acquired knowledge, through inquiring and developing skills for learning through a lifetime.

At the end of primary school, our students reach B1 English level, according to European standards. This guarantees the use of English without difficulties on real life situations, and ensures their ability to attend classes where different subjects will be taught in English.

Our educational offer has remarkable programs on Reading comprehension in English and in Spanish, as well as in Music, including instruments playing and other artistic expressions.

Our educational team includes three psychologists devoted to the individual and group development of each student. They work in conjunction with teachers and parents.

All our classrooms in primary school have computers, projectors and audio systems, for the best performance of educational technology in the learning process. In grades 1 and 2 our students already have personal iPads to complement their education.

We have incorporated several virtual platforms to ensure personal learning of Reading and Mathematics. In grades 1 to 5 our students work with Razkids, a Reading application in English and Spanish. This can be used in school or at home. This platform allows the use of books on many topics, with a complexity level according to student levels.

For the practice of Mathematics, our pupils of grades 1 and 2 have Reflex Math, an application that helps improving of mental alertness through game playing. From grade 3 to grade 6, our students work with Aleks, an independent learning platform which adapts to each child’s rhythm, and does frequent test on learning and advance, with the teacher’s guide.

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