Colegio Terranova has the infrastructure to ensure security and well-being for all our children. We have the best environment and learning facilities offering a variety of learning opportunities and to stimulate every aspect of child development.

In Terranova’s preschool section we prepare confident children, with a sense of belonging and capable of expressing their ideas and their physical, cognitive and social skills.

Our initial level students receive instructions in their native language as well as in English. In Pre K and K the percentage of English usage increases, taking advantage of their age, as the best for language learning.

We work with the PYP Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate This program is designed to begin at the age of three, with an active methodology of inquiring. As such it allows the developing of curiosity and the building of knowledge.

Each group of our students is led by a certified preschool teacher with a proficiency grade in English, plus a full time assistant for our students to help in the classroom. To complete the team, we have Music and PE teachers, two psychologists and a full time MD, to give personal one on one support for our children.

Technological implementation on every classroom improves learning, and stimulates early development of technological skills in our children.

Contact with parents is permanent and immediately following any change observed. Therefore, our educational program is done with joint efforts, strengthening strategies of management and stimulation during children’s development at home and at school.

*** During preschool, our students receive snacks without extra charges, developingtherefore consciousness and sensibility on the topic of an adequate feeding.

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