We are willing to develop and enhance the musical abilities of all our students. That is why we offer Music from preschool up to 12th grade, with the possibility of obtaining The IB Diploma in Music.

Our students cannot be treated in a uniform way regarding musical talent, because each one of them develops unique skills over different stages of their learning. This fact is taken into account by our highly qualified Music teachers. Our Music classrooms are equipped with the best audio systems and we have the best quality musical instruments.

These are our levels of Music education development:

  • General Music and Body Language: Preschool students begin to learn Music moving their bodies and playing. These activities awaken skills and give birth to a taste of music.
  • General Music and ensemble ORFF: During the first years of primary, our students have the opportunity to continue learning the basics of Music, reading a musical score, and applying this knowledge by playing ORFF instruments (like xylophones or glockenspiel, among others).
  • Instrument Playing: Our students from around 10 to 15 years old have the option to specialize in a musical instrument (piano, violin, guitar) or to sing in the choir, developing their interpretation techniques and enhancing their reading of musical scores.
  • Instrument Playing and Auditory Perception: From grades 10th to 12th, our students that are already playing an instrument, are taught Auditory Perception, which includes rhythm, melody, harmony, instrumentation, texture and forms in Music, through hearing and body language. It is also a review for the IB Diploma test.

Finally, our students can display their talent and efforts by playing at the final concert, an annual activity held at the Music House. During this concert, the interpretation is of the ensemble format, allowing all instruments a fair opportunity to show musical skills.
This event has proved to be a source of emotional wellbeing for all.

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